Yo Soy & Sauce in the studio.

Yo Soy & Sauce in the studio.

Our good friend David Last dropping his remix of “Juke Box” as the closing song for the outdoor Sunday park party at the 2012 Communikey Festival

Yo Soy Sauce live, Summer 2012


Check out the review of our performance at the Westword Music Showcase, and check us out at the UMS on Thursday, July 19th, 2012 in Denver.

Wildly entertaining and intelligent, Yo Soy Sauce (aka CacheFlowe and Brer Rabbit/Stephen Brackett from the Flobots) really knows how to work a crowd. The duo immediately called for involvement from the audience, asking them to complete the silly-fun turn of phrase, “Never shake a baby/Shake it, baby.” Fun was the focus here, and fun was definitely had. CacheFlowe provided some great beats that blended syncopated drums that one wouldn’t typically associate with hip-hop with leaned-out bass that Brer Rabbit was able to flow flawlessly over.

These guys were really in sync, occasionally breaking for each other to allow for a short vocal or electronic solo before breaking into another jam. They even had a song that featured the triangle, and it rocked! All the while in the back of the stage, the guys had a giant multicolored inflatable cube that was referenced in the last song, a cube that Cache humped to really bring the show full-circle.

Noah Hubbell

Update: Here’s a little recap/interview video from our 2012 UMS performance in Denver: